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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Okay folks, the Casino cam is up and running.

If you then click on: Beach under the zoom points, you'll see us in the lower right hand corner.  See the yellow/white water taxis? See the pretty sloop with the wood topsides, white hull and green mainsail cover?  See the boat between that boat and the water taxi?  The one with 2 furled headsails?  That's us.  If you hit the "Beach" zoom twice you may get in even closer.  And, no, that's not me dressed in black on the boat.  That's the wetsuits hanging up to dry.

Let me know how it works for you and say Thank-you to Nancy Perry for letting me know the Casino cam was now up and running.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I see it! How cool!

Anonymous said...

Daddy saw you first. good picture. So you are actually there and not just pretending. Love, Mom

robert said...

I think I see you. Are you moored next to a Valiant in the adjacent row?

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Saw you - cool

Steve and Lulu said...

The Valiant is actually our friends Bob & Sherry who took us for the dinghy ride. Behind them is a motorboat (dark-hulled), on his port side i the sweet little sloop I mentioned and on his port side is us.

Steve and Lulu said...

Whoops! Belay my last. Since I wrote that a dark-hulled Downeaster moved in between us and the sweet little sloop. So, there's a big blue sailboat on our starboard side but you should still be able to see us. The Downeaster is hull #1 by the way.

Steve and Lulu said...

No, the Downeaster isn't blue, it just has a blue bulwark above the white hull. Believe it or not, I actually noticed that on the webcam rather than just looking out the porthole. Geez!

Crazy Coyote said...

Way cool concept to let everyone keep track of who is in the harbor. Keep having fun.

Keith & Kay said...

Well, guess what...after dark now here in San Francisco so we can't
"see" you but will try tomorrow in daylight hours. We are insanely jealous of you being in our old stomping grounds - knew you would love Catalina and the autumn temperatures there! Very happy you are heading south.

We are held up here for another season (repeat of rotator cuff surgery!), but we WILL catch up to your trail next winter in the Baja. Keep up the fun posts and photos.

Keith & Kay
S/V Chamisa, Westsail 42
Aeolian Yacht Club Guest Dock
Alameda CA

Beverly said...

I just tried and saw the boat, but hitting Beach twice didn't get me in any closer. You have the prettiest boat in the harbor though!

Steve and Lulu said...

Well, now. Who am I to argue with my sister about which boat in the harbor is the prettiest? Thanks, Beverly.