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Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/4/2010 - Slight delay

After yesterday's rest, my knee is feeling much better today. Once we get to San Diego, it's going to be a whirlwind of running around getting provisions, boat supplies and various items of paperwork to ease our entry into Mexico. With that in mind, we decided to stay put here in Avalon for an extra week. Well, it might not be a whole week but since we're still on the "buy 2 nights, get the next 5 free" deal, we can be here for another whole week if we choose to. The idea is to just chill and give my knee a chance to straighten out. So far, so good. It feels much better tonight than it did even this morning.

This does, of course, push the schedule back. Originally it looked like "La Paz by Thanksgiving" would be a piece of cake but now it's not such a sure thing, although still more than likely. One thing that would make it even more likely is if we did a straight run from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas without any stops in between. That would likely take us a few days over a week, depending on the winds. There's a guy here in the anchorage who's made the trip many times and thinks that straight through is the only way to go. His reasoning is that 25 miles offshore the winds are steady and the swells are nice and regular. Add to this the idea that paradise awaits in the Sea of Cortez and he sees no reason to screw around on the west coast of Baja. Earlier in the season we'd have been more inclined to ignore this advice but now, well, getting into the Sea sounds really good. It'll be nice to finally be there. So, that said, we may make the Baja run non-stop. Also, with few fuel stops between Ensenada and Cabo, sailing becomes much more important.

The weather here is supposed to be changing over the next few days. Our highs in the 80s will be giving way to more seasonal highs in the 60s. All the more reason to get to the Sea.

Why wait here for my knee to mend instead of in San Diego? Well, for one, it's cheaper. Maybe not everything, but it only costs us $7.71 a day to moor here whereas the cheapest dockage in SD is the Police Docks, if we can find space there. They cost $10.50/day for the first 5 days and then $21/day for the next 5 and then you HAVE to leave. That would put a lot of pressure on to get out and get our errands run. Not real conducive to rest and recuperation. Secondly, everything here is VERY close. Even on a gimpy leg, it's easy to walk to Von's Grocery, the Post Office, the hardware store, the showers, etc.

So, we're stuck here for another week. Don't you feel sorry for us?


Anonymous said...

Better to stay put for awhile and get that knee in better condition. I can sympathize with you as both of my knees give me fits but then they are 80 years old so I guess it is to be expected but sure not any fun. We really enjoy your blogs and Dad especially. I think he is sailing with you in his mind. Love, Mom

Mark said...

Looks like you are having wonderful weather in Avalon. You'll still probably beat us to La Paz, if you don't run into a stiff norther on the way north from Cabo.

Uncle Norm said...

Yeah, nephew, I REALLY feel sorry for you. Must be terrible being stuck in a place with sun, sand and beautiful vistas. The tacos and beer sound like they're hard to take also! Well, suffer on! We love traveling with you. Norm

Beverly said...

Next time you go into town, maybe you ought to find a drug store that has some knee braces. Might be just the thing to wrap your knee when it gives you fits...it would give the knee some support while still resting it.