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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/15/2010 - An extra day in DP

We ended up staying an extra day in Dana Point. Last night before we went to bed I read about something called Anexo 1. According to Charlie's Charts, this form is to be filled out and stamped by the customs officer where you first check into Mexico. The Anexo is a list of things on your boat like the engine, GPS, generator, computers, etc. Basically anything of value that you may later need to import parts for. Inclusion on the Anexo is supposed to allow you to import these parts without paying duty.

So I woke up this morning fretting about the fact that I hadn't completed an Anexo 1. I also still had to stow the dinghy and all it's seats, transom, etc. since Lulu decided to wash the whole shebang yesterday afternoon and it got dark before I had a chance to re-stow everything. And, Lulu wanted to try to get a load of laundry done. So, not liking to rush a departure, I decided another day in port was in order. We'd have ample time to get everything done and be able to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) in a more leisurely fashion.

I scoured the internet trying to find a blank copy of Anexo 1 only to find that "Anexo" simply means something along the lines of Addenda or Appendix. There are lots of forms out there called Anexo 1. I searched the message boards but came up blank. Finally, I somehow ascertained that all of the information required on the "Anexo 1" gets entered on the TIP (Temporary Importation Permit) anyway, so the Anexo is probably superfluous if it even exists anymore.

I spent the next several hours compiling a list of all of the stuff I thought would apply and getting the serial numbers of these items. Besides using the list for importation documentation, this will be good info to have in case we ever get robbed. It's also just nice to have all the serial and model numbers located in one easy-to-find place.

After I got done making my list, we walked to the UPS store to make copies of the list, copies of the boat's crew list (both of us), and copies of our credit card, debit card, and drivers' licenses. Then to Rite-Aid to get something to carry all my documentation ashore in. Finally, we stopped at Ralph's for a couple of items, not the least of which was some potato chips and this really good Roasted Red Pepper/ Asiago cheese dip that Ralph's carries and we first had in Santa Barbara (it's over at the deli counter in case you're looking).

Once we got back to the boat I stowed the dinghy. Then we walked over to see the Spirit of Dana Point (which we first saw in Santa Barbara):

And the Pilgrim, a replica of the ship that Richard Henry Dana (Dana Point, get it?) served on and later wrote about in "Two Years Before The Mast".

Both of these ships are a short walk from where we're tied up and we'd feel pretty foolish if we left without getting a look at them.

Now we're hunkering in for the evening knowing that pretty much everything that can be done ahead of time has been done so we can get underway tomorrow without feeling rushed.

So, don't look to hear from us until Wednesday at the absolute earliest. Winds look to be light and variable so may be a day or two later than that.

PS: Oh, and I finally decided it was time to read "Moby Dick" which I started this morning. Loving it so far.

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