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Sunday, November 7, 2010

11/6/2010 - Just another day in paradise

Today was interesting. First off, we took the dinghy ashore to use the facilities. But, when we got to the Pleasure Pier, there was no dinghy dock. Didn't we just go through this on November 1st? Where the heck are we supposed to tie up now? There was a Harbor Patrol boat cruising around so we asked him. He said that the docks had been moved so that they wouldn't interfere with the swimming portion of the triathlon that was taking place this morning. He said they were moving the docks back into place e'en as we spake. So we just motored around for 5 minutes or so until there was a place to tie up to.

The beach was absolutely covered with triathlon athletes. I mean covered! Who knew so many folks would turn out? And, by the time we noticed them at 8:30 or so, they had already been at it for awhile since the swimming portion was apparently already over.

It was supposed to rain this afternoon (30% chance) but we got nary a drop. And I just now peeked outside (it's 11:30 PM) and the sky is completely clear. Dodged a bullet. It was a skosh on the cool side this afternoon. I actually had to change from shorts to long pants.

We spent the late afternoon and evening with a fellow ex-Silvertonian. Kelly Hatteberg was one of Cody's friends growing up. She was often at our house or Cody at her's. Consequently, we've known her since she was a little girl. Turns out that she works right here on the island. She works for Guided Discoveries as a teacher. Her educational background is marine biology (I think) so she's well-suited to the job. Her assignment is at the Toyon Bay campus.

Kelly and her boyfriend, Travis came to pick us up in one of the company boats and then took us back to Toyon Bay for a tour.

What a great gig these "kids" have. Travis works at the more rustic Fox Landing Campus . All in all, it looks like a pretty sweet set-up and we're so happy to see Kelly doing well and actually getting to use what she went to school for. Not that common these days.

After the tour, we took them out for dinner at the Sand Trap. You know, dollar tacos. That's me; the last of the big spenders. Then we gave them a tour of our boat before they headed back up the island. It was interesting talking to them and getting a little insight into the facets of island life that we tourists never see or know about. Here's one little tip from them: do not get bit by a rattlesnake on Catalina. Apparently the venom is more concentrated and the antivenin that's normally administered for rattlesnake bites has little or no affect. Good chance you're going to die if bit. Watch where you're walking.

Lulu re-coverd a cushion at the nav station today but I didn't get much of anything done. Don't plan to tomorrow either. And, with the time change tonight, I have an extra hour to get nothing done tomorrow. Life is good.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Ah, the triathlon! I've actually done a couple but it's been a few years. I was also surprised by the number of people when I competed in my first one. I thought the US was having a problem with obesity, but there's a lot of active people out there!

Beverly said...

Rattlesnakes?! I didn't think they would be on an island! Silly me.