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Friday, November 5, 2010

11/5/2010 - Sometimes I have to pinch myself

This evening I was sitting up on deck looking around. Every so often it dawns on me that we're really doing this! I'm sitting there looking at a schooner moored next to us, a swordfishing boat moored ahead and to our left and a water taxi on our port side. Avalon was all lit up like the tourist fantasy that it is. There was a soft breeze wafting through the mooring field. Dinghies were buzzing around taking boaters ashore or bringing them back home. And we're part of it! We're actually living the dream we've nurtured for so long. The reality isn't always exactly like the dream, though. I don't think either of us ever dreamed about the crappy seas we encountered further north. There's also more work involved than I expected although, if I'd stopped to think about it for 5 seconds I'd have realized that you have to get your groceries somehow. And those groceries have to get from the store to the boat somehow and, if you don't have a car, well....

But that's all part of it. My biggest fear was that we would retire and spend the rest of our lives doing the same thing we'd done all the years we were working, minus the work of course. But we're not. What we're doing is completely different than our previous life. Not necessarily better (although it is), just different. And that was and is the point. After dreaming about it, reading about it, and anticipating it for so long, it's just sometimes hard to realize that, although we haven't reached Mexico yet, we are, nevertheless, cruising.

And I'm really happy that we get to share it with all of you and also happy that so many of you have said how much you enjoy following along. That really means a lot.

So hang in there. We'll be leaving Avalon in a week or so and then it's off to San Diego and then finally, MEXICO!


Anonymous said...

hi there you two, love the blog, I can almost feel that sun. I have a tip for you re wet suits and saving energy trying not to bob up to the surface when you are clothed in a buoyant skin. Do what the divers do, get yourself a weight belt and a couple of pounds of lead, you two are both so slim you shouldn't need very much to achieve neutral buoyancy so you won't have to waste energy trying to stay down while you work on an underwater project.

(ex Aquarium Sunday pm shift - now a dog walker at the animal shelter).

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Steve & Lulu: I finally got the cam to be light - it was always really dark like night time. Now you have to tell me where
you are. I am glad you are having the trip you dreamed of all your life. I am enjoying your trip very much. Take care and my love to both of you - Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi you two
Love your blog
I was a patient of Cody's and that is how I got started reading it. Now my husband can't wait everyday to hear about your ventures. It makes the day for these two old folks.
Cody is a sweetheart.
Keep on having fun,
And thanks writing.
Gary and Lynne

Steve and Lulu said...

Open the Casino cam. Click on the "Beach" zoom point. In the lower right-hand corner you will see a dark-hulled power boat and another power boat with a yellow top. There are 3 sailboats between these two. We are the one closest to the yellow boat. We have a dark brown cover over our mainsail.

Steve and Lulu said...

Gary & Lynne,

Welcome aboard. You're right, Cody is indeed a sweetheart. But don't tell her I said that. It'd blow my whole image.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

It must be such a surreal feeling...can't wait to know what it feels like for myself! Looking forward to hearing about San Diego!

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Way cool. Go you.