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Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/14/2010 - Hasta luego, amigos

My internet access runs out at about 9:00 tonight so this is the last you'll hear from me until we reach Ensenada.

Check-out time here at Dana Point is noon so we'll be gone by then but probably not a whole lot before. I've plotted a route that takes us in a pretty straight line from here to San Diego, although we have no plans to stop there. From there, we'll go between the mainland and Las Islas de Los Coronados to Ensenada. The trip is only about 115 nautical miles. At an average speed of 4.5 knots, that would take us 25.6 hours if we can travel in a straight line. The winds look favorable for following the rhumb line so it's mostly a question of boat speed. If we can only average 3 knots, it'll take us 38 hours. So we could be there as early as noon on Tuesday or it could take us until Wednesday or Thursday, who knows? We're all provisioned, the water tank is full, and the batteries are topped off.

But, starting tomorrow, we are no longer on a schedule. We're going to sail, dammit! If it takes 3 days to make a one-day passage, so be it. We'll just have to learn to sail better.

So, don't hold your breath waiting for the next blog entry. Once we get to Ensenada, I'll get a Banda Ancha card from Telcel that will give me internet access via cell towers. Also, you can erase our phone numbers because, once we get to Mexico, out TracFone's won't work anymore. We'll get some pay-as-you-go Mexican cell phones but we may have to break down and Skype to be able to make affordable calls. We'll see.

So, until later...

(Oh! I can't believe it! We're almost to Mexico. Northern Mexico, yes, but Mexico nevertheless. I'm so excited!)


Anonymous said...

Buena suerte y buen viaje!


robert said...

Have a nice trip! Please post some pics for us cold water sailors up here in the PNW, to help keep us inspired!

Crazy Coyote said...

Watch out for the worm in the taquila, although it won't hurt you one bit. Enjoy improving your espanol.

Mark said...

¡Bienvenidos, amigos!

Anonymous said...

Good sailing and we will be looking forward to hearing when you have gotten to your destination. Hope Mexico is all that you anticipated it to be. Just don't get lost. Love, Mom

2ndreef said...

O.K., you didn't promise one, but a little original hat dance on the cabin roof or the foredeck would do for celebration. Don't fall over the jerry cans or the life raft canister! Robin was wondering if Lulu ever found carhart shorts to wear going south. Beware of the panga drivers, I understand some are like NYC taxi drivers.
You two have made a lot of friends and will make many more. Meeting you at San Leandro was a high light for us and has enrichened our dreams.
Good luck and good weather.
Bill & Robin

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I guess by the time you read this, I should be saying "Ola"! Congrats on getting her there!

Crazy Coyote said...

You may want to check and see if you can just purchase a SIM card for service for your existing phone. That way you don't have to purchase an entire phone. I have friends who travel to europe and that is what they do. It would depend on what model of phone you are using and if it is compatable.

Steve and Lulu said...

CC: Our phones are cheap-o pay-as-you-go TracFones so no great loss to dump them.

scott said...

I've been (occasionally) updating a google map showing Steve and Lulu's progress. Zooming in to satellite view, you can see the locale very nicely. Looks like you have to copy and paste the link, sorry.

Scott Wedge