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Friday, November 5, 2010

11/5/2010 - It's been a really nice day

Since I'm still nursing my knee, we didn't do much today. But we had a really nice time doing it. Before breakfast this morning, we took the dinghy ashore for showers. Felt really good to get clean and finally get the salt water rinsed out of my hair. We returned to the boat and had breakfast. Lulu had raisin bran and I had an egg/cheese/jalapeño quesadilla. What can I say? I have more imagination than Lulu.

Awhile after breakfast we motored ashore again. My knee was feeling pretty good as long as I was careful to amble rather than walk fast. We ambled up and down the main drag for awhile, stopping in at shops we normally avoid.

At one such shop we bought 2 DVDs. One was "Twenty Six Miles", a probably-never-aired series starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard, Smallville). The DVD had six episodes which is probably all that were ever made.

We also bought "Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina"

Which looks like it should be pretty interesting.

After we got our fill f souvenir shops, we went to the Catherine Hotel for a bucket of beer.

It was a much nicer day than we had expected. It actually got warm enough on the patio at the Catherine that Lulu opted to move into the shade. And that's something!

Later on, we walked out to the Sandtrap fro more beer and those delicious $1 tacos.

I tried to trade one of my City of Silverton T-shirts for a Sandtrap T-shirt but didn't have any luck. That's OK, I'll try again.

Eventually, full of tacos and beer, we ambled back to the dinghy and then back to the boat. Of course, on the way we had to stop by Von's and get a bag of my new favorites: Fiery Habanero flavored Doritos.

Just the thing to go along with "Twentysix Miles", "Mad Men", and "Deadwood" tonight.

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