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Sunday, September 5, 2010

9/5/2010 - We like Brookings

If we were ever to move back to Oregon to live, Brookings, or more accurately, Harbor, would definitely be the front runner for places to live. Today it was sunny and warm. We went for a walk to get a lay of the land and, about halfway through had to return to the boat to change in to shorts, tank tops and sandals. It was that warm. We checked out the other parts of the marina and the RV park which has great ocean frontage. The beach was very picturesque and we could see all the way to Pt. St. George.

For a long time now, Pt. St. George has just been a name that they use on the NOAA weather radio. So was Cape Blanco for that matter. They'd give the weather for the ocean out 10 miles from Cape Blanco to Pt. St.George. Now these names are becoming real places. I think that's kind of cool.

We walked on over the Chetco River and in to Brookings proper. Other than an ACE Hardware, and a Fred Meyer, there wasn't that much that we needed bad enough to make the walk again. Up the hill from the marina, in Harbor, are 2 grocery stores, a Rite-Aid, a laundromat, etc. Everything a wandering sailor on foot might need.

We bought some chips and salsa and headed back to the boat for some cockpit time.

I'm not really as crazed as this photo would imply. There was some kind of weird reflection making my eyes look very odd. Honest. And the reason Lulu is leaning over is because I thought I had the camera more centered and she'd be partially cut off if she didn't lean in. Obviously the camera was not put back in exactly the same position prior to the actual shot.

The cockpit session was marred after awhile by the fact that the afternoon wind whipped up and, after awhile, proceeded to cool us down to the point that we went back below.

Obviously today was a lay day. Tomorrow my first job is to check out the autopilot wiring and get it running right. Looking at the weather, we will most likely be here until Thursday, at least. Next stop after that might be Crescent City (a whole 20 miles away) or Eureka (another overnight trip). No way to know for sure until the day arrives and we know the weather and sea state.

Until then, we are more than happy to be sitting in warm and sunny Harbor, Oregon.


Anonymous said...

We told you how nice Brookings is. It is called the pineapple belt of the west coast. We enjoyed ourselves very much and that was why we extended our stay there from overnight to several days and nights. Will do it again sometime. We did not stay in the RV park right on the beach but across the road but next time I think we will stay closer to the ocean. Love, Mom

Curt Yoder said...

Yes, I agree also about Brookings. If it wasn't for the job situation, it would be our first pick, too. And right up the river is the Kalmiopsis wilderness. But it's kind of like a favorite fishing hole -- don't advertise it too much!
I've had the boat out across the bar three times this year, but I'm going to haul out tomorrow and paint the bottom. I'm thinking of joining the Astoria yacht club, the members I've met have been anything but snooty. Kara's preparing her classroom and schedule and I'm moving wood into the shed -- have a good flight south.

Anonymous said...

We love Brookings too. Great quilt shop there! Weather has always been pretty nice everything we've been there./Beverly

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Glad you're enjoying your stay there for a few days. Love the cockpit picture!