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Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13/2010 - Not sunny today

Eureka has returned to it's more normal grey skies after yesterday's beautiful, and unexpected, blue ones. Today we're off to visit the National Weather Service office here on Woodley Island. Then a quick trip to town for e-mail and blog upload and a stop by the Book Legger to see if he has anything that I want bad enough to either find space for or jettison something already on the boat. Then back home.

I have a few minor boat chores, Lulu has some sewing to do as well as the laundry and then we're meeting our friends Joe and Jeri for dinner here at the Marina Cafe at 6:00.

Two boats across the dock from us left this morning. We're finding more and more people on boats that are also on their way to Mexico. The conversation usually goes something like:

"So, where you from?"

"Well, Newport, Oregon, sort of. Spent the last 25 years in Silverton, Oregon but we've recently come down from Newport via Charleston and Brookings, Oregon. You?"

"We're coming down from the Seattle area. Where you headed?"


"Yeah, us too."

"Well, maybe we'll see you down there."


-later, at Starbuck's-

We just finished visiting the NWS office. What a great place. The people are way friendly and helpful. They spent quite awhile with us showing us various weather tools available to anyone on the internet. Then he analyzed the weather for rounding Cape Mendecino on our projected departure date of Wednesday. So far, Wednesday looks great other than we'll be motoring for sure since there's going to be virtually no wind. He welcomed us to check back tomorrow to see if things are still looking the same.

So, back to the boat right after we pick Lulu's glasses up from the optometrist (she took them apart and couldn't get them back together). Then boat chores in anticipation of a Wednesday departure. Tomorrow we'll pick up our prescriptions and then go to Winco to get beer. We figured the bus system out so we won't have to tote the resultant heavy packs all the way back on our backs, just part way.


Anonymous said...

If only you could go fishing and catch BEER. Life would be great and it would indeed always be Siempre Sabado!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You may have to invest in one of those fold up carts many people use when they are afoot. I don't think it would take up much room although you are really already packed pretty good. Maybe you could hang it on the side of the boat. Love, Mom