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Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/2010 - Ready to head out

We're having breakfast at David's Restaurant in the Boatyard Shopping Center. Just happens to be a wifi hot spot. Then we'll go back down to the boat and get ready for sea. We'll probably be underway by 9:00 at the latest. Figure 30 hours or so to Drake's Bay, anchor overnight, then head under the Golden Gate on Tuesday morning (depending on currents) to arrive at Martinez Marina in the afternoon.

Until then....

Oh yeah, the weather looks great today so far.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you are asea right now as I write. It is ten twelve 'AM. Have a good trip, hope the weather holds out for you. As I said before we will be in McMinnville on Tuesday but I will have my cell phone on. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Good luck and good sailing - Love to both of you - Nancy

Crazy Coyote said...

I like your ipod music selection, it could be mine to the tee. I also have discovered "Poor Man's Whiskey" which is a local blue grass group in the SF Bay area. Since most of the band have a old school Rock and Role background it their music tends to have a more upbeat tone than traditional blue grass.

FYI, Jay and Judy should have headed out on Thursday and based upon their schedule they could be catching up with you soon. There are 4 on the boat so they plan to sail direct to S.F. unless problems pop up along the way.

It sounds like you are slowly working the bugs out and soon will be stuck with nothing to do but relax, read, and sip wine all day. I am enjoying your blog so keep it up, you have a nice style in your writing so it is easy to read and visualize what is happening.

Jim (Crazy) Dane

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Fair winds! Looking forward to hearing about the Golden Gate.