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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9/1/2010 - Watching the weather

Sure is nice to have internet access to weather information. We were kind of planning on leaving tomorrow but, after checking the weather the past couple days, conditions didn't look all that great outside on Thursday. Friday, however, looked pretty good. Still does for that matter. But Saturday and Sunday from Brookings down to Pt. St. George looked a trifle blustery for our inexperienced selves. So our thought this morning was to head out as soon as the fog lifts Friday morning and then go overnight planning to arrive in Brookings early Saturday morning. We figured we'd hole up there through the weekend waiting for conditions to improve. But, looking at the weather again this evening, it looks like the forecast now is for pretty decent weather over the weekend so maybe we'll be able to continue on. We don't mind visiting various ports but we're starting to feel like we'll never get out of Oregon. So, for now anyway, the plan is still to leave Friday morning and either go to Brookings or continue on, depending on the ocean conditions and how we're handling them.

And, in case you're concerned about us tempting fate by starting a trip on a Friday, relax. It's Always Saturday on Siempre Sabado so, as long as we're on the boat, it's never Friday.

Yesterday was warm, sunny and beautiful here in Charleston. Today was foggy but still warm.

At least it was warm. Lulu just came back down from getting a paper and said the temperature has dropped dramatically. It's now down in the 50s. Apparently the ocean conditions are deteriorating too as the Coast Guard just announced they plan to close the bar to vessels under 40' very soon.

Add to that the limited visibility due to the fog and things don't look too good right now. I'm sitting here listening to the fishermen on the VHF radio. They're all talking about how crappy it is and they're glad they're coming in. Things change fast.

Today, we took the local Coos County transit bus to Coos Bay for some groceries and a few other supplies. It was sort of funny to see that the bus clientele in CB is the same as it was in Newport: the homeless, the disadvantaged, and a few tourists. We felt right at home.

Now we're hunkering in for the evening. Getting ready to put a home-made pizza in the oven and then we'll fire up a DVD or two.

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