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Friday, September 17, 2010

9/17/2010 - Livin' on the Noyo River

We've decided to spend an extra day here in Ft. Bragg. We'll leave on Sunday morning instead of tomorrow. This was partly because today didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd hoped. All I wanted to do was change my engine oil. Our sweet little Westerbeke has been treating us so well that I want to reciprocate and change its oil at the factory recommended intervals of 100 hours. And she was almost due.

I remember going on one day about how easy my oil changes went using my little drill pump. Well not today. I could not get that little bastard to pump no matter what I did. Even used a different drill pump and still nothing. I finally went to a local marine supply place and got a Jabsco hand pump. It did the job in about 3 minutes. Anyway, by the time I was done it was too late to do any grocery shopping or anything so we're going to hang for an extra day.

Our plan now is to skip Bodega Bay and head straight to Drake's Bay (about 25 miles north of the Golden Gate). We'll anchor there if we need a rest and/or to wait for perfect conditions for going under the Gate. Once inside the Bay we'll likely spend a night at anchor at Angel Island and then head to the Martinez Marina the next day. So, once we leave on Sunday morning, you may not hear anything from us until we reach Martinez and that could be a few days. So, once again, don't worry about us until it's been a really long time since you've heard anything.

FYI for those that follow: three nights at the Ft. Bragg Marina cost more than a week at the Woodley Island Marina in Eureka and there is absolutely no comparison. FB is small and funky and run down, which is fine with us but it would be nice if the cost reflected the facility.

BTW, in case I've never mentioned it, we really love getting comments from you all. Can't always respond to them but, since they come to us via e-mail, you can rest assured we read each and every one.


Gary said...

Hey Steve and Lulu - making good progress! Have fun and keep up the great blogs for those of us still working in the salt mines :)

My boat job for today: more turtle madness in preparation for a dodger

Anonymous said...

Comment herewith:(!)
And I really love reading about the trip you are making. I could have told your earlier about the wifi at McDs if I had paid more attention and seen that sometimes it was difficult to find, especially if you were in complete gear drill and and the backpacks loaded up with beer and goceries, sorry I mean groceries and a couple of cans of shandy.

It's really interesting reading about the various instruments etc you use, especially the ones that need fine tuning and fixing at the next port, and I am waiting in anticipation of your decision about the steps up the mast. Those F.V.s sound a pesky lot, but as you say, they have a living to make, and it's a tough job.

I have not heard anything, apart from the seagull that hitched a ride, of your avian neighbours, which doesn't really bother me, because as you know, I only know a very little (courtesy of the Oregon Coast Aquarium) about 4 ocean living auks. But do tell if you see any whales.

Thats rather more than a comment. Looking forward to your next post