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Saturday, September 18, 2010

9/18/2010 - Just to reiterate

We'll be leaving Ft. Bragg tomorrow morning. High tide is at 10:14 AM so we'll leave sometime around then. No crack of dawn stuff for us this time. Our plan is to sail all the way to either Drake's Bay or San Francisco Bay. We had planned on anchoring at Angel Island just inside the Bay but our friend Paul on S/V Jeorgia who is out there ahead of us warned us that Angel Island is full of mooring balls at $20-$30 per night. He suggested Sausalito instead, so maybe that's where we'll go.

Since we're not trying to make a port by a certain time this time, we have time to play with the sails if we get favorable winds. Anyway, I won't be sending anything out tomorrow before we leave so this is the last you'll hear from us until we're moored at the Martinez Marina. That will be Tuesday at the ABSOLUTE earliest. More likely Wednesday or Thursday.

Until then...

PS: for everyone who've asked about wildlife sightings at sea. So far we've seen a lot of murres and guillemots, seagulls and brown pelicans. Saw sea lions doing aerial acrobatics a couple times and Lulu may have spotted a small whale one day. May have been a dolphin. Too far away to tell for sure. And that's been it so far.


Anonymous said...

Okay, have a great trip and when you get in let me know and I will alert everyone. I will try to be home in the mornings in case you do call. Hate to miss your call. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

This is Mom again. I forgot that Tuesday we will probably be going to McMinnville to have lunch with my classmates. I will have my cell phone on though. Okay.

Anonymous said...

I just love our "moms" I remember and always thought it odd but still wonderful... how I could visit my folks and they always wanted me to call when I got home so they could quit worrying...But if they only knew what I did on all the other days of my life... then they would have really worried!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess you have to be a Mom to understand. Even though our kids are adults and have kids of their own they are still our children. I know that my Aunt who is 97 still calls Raymond and I "The Kids" and we are 81 & 80 respectively. Love, Mom