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Friday, July 9, 2010

7/9/2010 - Day 4 in the yard

Had a pretty productive day today although we also had a minor setback.

Woke up at a reasonable hour today in spite of doing a little partying with our friends Peri & Rich yesterday evening.

Today, after applying coat 3 of the black boot top paint, I peeled the masking tape off. It waas beautiful. A nice razor-sharp line.

And no, we're not going to leave a white stripe between the boot top and the bottom paint. The blue anti-fouling paint will come right up to the boot stripe. After I finished the boot, I helped Lulu get a final coat of Cetol on the woodwork. Then we peeled the blue tape off. This is where our setback came in. The tape just peeled the green bulwark tape right off, leaving the ugly brown gel coat showing.

This was totally our own fault as last year when we painted the green on, all we did for prep was to wash and scuff up the gel coat a bit. So, tomorrow, we'll strip the green off and then go through the whole prep ritual that I wrote about a couple days ago. Sort of a drag but at least this time we'll know it's been done right. And it only sets us back a day so no biggie.

Once all the brush-wielding jobs were finished, I replaced zincs, cleaned the prop, and repaired the old depth sounder transducer (see yesterday's entry).

Meanwhile, Lulu fabricated leather wear patches for the boom gallows:

And the bowsprit where the hoop on our new Rocna anchor rubs the wood:

And here's a little shot of boat yard diversity. An old wood power pleasure boat, a cruising sailboat, and a commercial fishing boat. All coexisting peacefully. It's like ebony and ivory, la la la lala la la lala la...

Obviously I got a little too much sun today.

Our current timetable, such as it is:
Tuesday, July 13, back in the water
Wednesday, July 14, earliest possible date to leave Newport
Sunday, July 18, arrive Eureka?
Saturday, July 24, arrive Bodega Bay?
Tuesday July 27, arrive at the Martina California Marina?

Obviously these are just rough estimates.

Hasta maƱana.


Anonymous said...

so the boat is out of the water... and getting painted and such... when will you have to do this again?

Wojtek said...

You seem to have lots of anodes... I only have one on the end of the prop shaft on Namaste. Do you notice the one on the bobstay tongue being eaten at all? I was considering putting one there but the tongue is usually well above the waterline....

Anonymous said...

Hey steve... for those of us that are land lubbers... can/would you fill us in on ....
1 Cost of morage in a marina?
2 Cost to haul a boat your size out of the water for repairs?
3 Cost of all that special paint to paint your boat? Thanks Anonymous

Steve and Lulu said...

Okay, starting with Anonymous #1:

We shouldn't have to haul the boat for another couple years. We're using really good anti-fouling paint and plan to be on the move a lot which will help it work. We may have to change zincs before we haul again but if the water is warm we can do that in situ.

Originally all we had was the one on the end of the prop shaft. I added the collar one on the shaft last year just because there was room and I figured it might buy us a little more time. The one on the bobstay was from a suggestion by Bud on the WOA discussion board. Loaded for cruising, ours is now under water most of the time. I still question which metals are dissimilar but, if Bud says to do it... The zincs on the Frigoboat keel cooler are obviously only needed if you have a keel-cooled fridge.

Anonymous #2:
Marina costs: all over the place. Paying a year in advance at South Beach in Newport cost us around $120/month for a 32' slip, plus $40/person/month for liveaboard fees. If we were just visiting and paying by the day, the cost would probably run $20/day or so. Some marinas are cheaper, some are way more expensive.

Haulout costs: Not sure as I'm currently in denial. I didn't ask and I'll just wait until Tuesday to find out. But, if I remember right, a round trip: out, pressure wash, blocking, relaunch ran around $250.00 last year. Then of course there's the day charge of around $15-$20 per day in the yard.

Paint: the anitfouling paint we're using runs $225/gallon. We need 1 gallon. the topside paint runs around $25-$35 a quart.

Ah, the carefree life of a sailor.....