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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7/27/2010 - on second thought...

Just finished looking at the weather predictions again. We still are looking pretty good for a departure from Coos Bay tomorrow. Unfortunately, the further south we head, the worse things look, at least through the weekend. At first we figured maybe we'd just go as far as Brookings tomorrow. But Brookings is only like 15 miles from Crescent City. So, by the time we arrived, the bad waves would be starting to kick in. So, we've decided to cool out. We're going to leave the boat here in Charleston and catch a bus, or better yet a train, to Salem and from there to our daughter's house in Silverton. We'll attend a family reunion in The Dalles the following weekend and then come back here and start watching the weather agin. It's GOT to be better in August doesn't it?

There are 2 upsides to this plan:

1.) We're sticking to our original plan of not putting ourselves in harm's way for the sake of a schedule.

2.) We might finally get some sunny, warm weather and dry out our cold, wet bones.


Anonymous said...

smart move. You are retired so you do not have to stick to a schedule. Love, Mom

2ndreef said...

That's exactly the plan we would follow, Steve. You and Lulu are CRUISERS, NOT racers, ie. no set schedule. Your only schedule is somewhere on a chart someday when you get there. Good call, we're happy.

Have a nice visit with the family.


Anonymous said...

My motto.... maybe yours too

I've had my breakfast
I have money in my pocket for lunch
And dinner is too far away to worry about!