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Thursday, July 8, 2010

7/8/2010 - Day 3 in the yard

Short day today because our friend Peri from Newport and her husband Rich offered to take us out to dinner at 4:00. Darn! Have to knock off early.

I got coat 2 on the boot top. It looks pretty good but I think I'll give it one more for good measure. Lulu and I got a second coat of Cetol on all the woodwork. I also got the PortVisors installed on the saloon ports.

They're designed to let us have some ventilation even when it's raining as long as it's not raining sideways. We've had these since December but have been waiting for the right weather to install them. The adhesive wants moderate 70-ish temperatures. Looked like today wouldn't be the day when we got up. Fog and cool. But as the day wore on it got way nicer than yesterday. Today we got the sun without the cold wind, at least so far.

Tomorrow we'll put the last coat of Cetol on, the last coat of boot top paint, change out the prop shaft zinc:

And the Frigoboat keel cooler zincs:

And, I need to use some Super Mend epoxy paste to seal up the old depth sounder transducer leveling block. Not sure what happened to it, but I noticed bare wood when I was inspecting the bottom. Must have happened very recently as the wood isn't aged at all.

One of these days, I'll have someone remove the transducer and the thru-hulls that we no longer use and then close up the holes with fiberglass. This is a job I'm not that confident of doing. Think I'll watch someone else do it first.

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