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Monday, July 19, 2010

7/15/2010 - Life on the hook

I got up once during the night to check on our anchor light. We're using a portable one with it's own 6V lantern battery rather than the one at the top of the mast. Haven't changed that one to LED bulbs yet so it might be a bit of an energy hog. And since there's no traffic here at night anyway, our portable anchor light combined with 5 WalMart solar-powered garden lights is plenty.

When I got up again about 8:30 I checked the water depth. I knew that low tide in Newport was at 9:30-ish and in Toledo was at 10:40-ish. We still had a good 3-1/2 feet under our keel so we were OK. By the time it was actually low tide, we had about 2 feet but, since the tides for the next few days, at least, will not be as low, we'll be fine right where we are.

It was pretty breezy yesterday evening and we figure maybe it would always be that way here. But this morning, it was nice and still. I sat outside with my book and my cup of coffee while I waited for Lulu to get up. The sun was beating down on my back and it felt SO good. After I finished my coffee, Lulu sat in the sun while I cooked spuds and eggs for breakfast. Spuds and eggs; now we know we're home for sure.

After breakfast, we assembled and launched the dinghy (10' Portabote). This is only the second time we've assembled it on board and it only took us maybe 15 minutes. Not too bad. When I'm stowing it I wish we still had our little Walker Bay 8 because it would stow upside down on the foredeck (although it would be on top of the life raft - maybe not such a good idea) and no assembly was needed. But once the Portbote is assembled and I look at how much room it has, I forget all about the Walker Bay.

Once that was done, it was a bit too breezy (read "cold out in the wind") for Lulu to do the deck and cabin top washing she'd planned. Instead we came below and she tried her hand at tatting and I proceeded to write blogs. It's quite comfortable with the hatch wide open since the dodger is blocking the breeze.

Hopefully the wind will ease a bit later and we can get a dinghy ride in.

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