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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7/14/2010 - May be going dark for awhile

At about 3:00 this afternoon, we'll go back in the water. Then we're going to sail upstream a few miles and drop the hook outside the channel. We'll spend a few very relaxing days at anchor, getting used to living off the grid and waiting for weather.

Speaking of weather, it's not looking good for this week. There are Small Craft Advisories along the Oregon coast at least through Friday and there are gale warnings down around Crescent City, CA. No way are we going to start our cruising life by beating ourselves and our boat up and scaring the crap out of ourselves in the process. Our plan has always been to wait for good weather and we're starting that right now. So, we'll be at anchor for at least a few days.

While at anchor, it's unlikely that we'll have internet access unless I happen to pick up an errant wifi signal somewhere. We may have cell service but who knows? So, the upshot is that you probably won't hear from us for a few days at least. Don't worry about us, we're just chillin' on the hook. We'll be sleeping in late and staying up late and enjoying the quiet and the starry sky and the solitude.

Until later...


Mark said...

Bon voyage, you two! You have the right idea to wait for a good weather window. Cruising is supposed to be fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I always said you had good sense and you two are truly showing it now by waiting for the right time to sail out instead of saying to heck with it we have been waiting to go so we will just go and take our chances. I promise not to worry about you, well, I can say that but whether I can put it to use I can't guarantee. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Stay'in up late? Remember cruiser midnite is 2100! Have fun on the hook. Ken

Anonymous said...

Sounds delightful. Thus begins the adventure.