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Thursday, July 22, 2010

7/22/2010 - If only...

If only we were south of Point St. George (Crescent City, CA) already. We had great plans to shove off tomorrow morning. The forecasts, while not ideal, were at least looking better. But I just now looked at the current forecast and it's getting gnarly out there again (winds > 20 knots and combined seas > 10'). South of Pt. St. George things mellow out and are looking pretty ideal right now. But, although we had our hearts set on leaving in the morning, we really don't want to get spanked so I guess we'll hold off and see what Saturday morning looks like. Right now the forecasts show Sunday as the first promising day but maybe we'll get lucky.

Today we got everything done in anticipation of leaving. Rigged the jacklines, rigged the windvane, mounted the deck knives, secured the deck cargo, etc. Lulu made as many sandwiches as we had bread for which was quite a bunch. She also cooked up any meat that was in the fridge so it would be easier to use underway. We emptied the composter (more about our composting toilet in a future blog when we get a little more experience), dumped the garbage, and filed the water tank. So it looks like tomorrow we have pretty much nothing to do.

Even with all the stuff we got done, we still managed to make it to town to have another burger at the Sandbar.

Well, I guess tomorrow we'll just sleep extra late and loaf all day.

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