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Saturday, April 9, 2011

4/8/2011 - weird, or maybe not

This is a photo of the ship I served on during my time in the Navy (1969-1973), the USS Tolovana, AO-64, a fleet oiler. The weird thing about this photo is that it was reportedly taken in Subic Bay, Philippines in 1971. That means that, if you could blow the picture up far enough and not lose resolution, you might be able to find a 20-year old version of me somewhere on deck. Is it just me or is that sort of freaky?

Thanks to Erich Utecht for this and many other great Tolovana photos.


Anonymous said...

Honey, remember you are not six feet tall so how do you expect us to find that five foot three guy among all of those giants. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hurtful on two "levels" 1. Pointing out to the 37,400 followers on this site that someone is but a bit shorter and 2. referring to the rest of us as "giants" .... good thing you are his mom... cause we all love our moms!!!!