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Friday, April 29, 2011

4/29/2011 - Ensenada Grande to Isla San Francisco

We got up fairly early (for us), had breakfast, got things secured and were underway at 0930. By 1000 we were well out of the bahia and had the jib hoisted and pulling us downwind. Awhile later, we hoisted the main which was a big hassle but seemed like the thing to do. It did help keep us on our course better than the jib alone could do. We were making pretty good time until about 1115 when the favorable winds pretty much dropped off and our speed fell below 3 knots. Like every other sailboat we could see in the vicinity, we dropped our sails and fired up the engine.

It was a pretty uneventful trip although we did see quite a few dolphins with some jumping completely out of the water. These were the small black dolphins. Not sure of the species. It was a hot trip, that's for sure, especially after the wind dropped off.

We pulled in to Isla San Francisco at about 1400 and the anchor was down and secure 10 minutes later. Two of the same boats that we were anchored with at Ensenada Grande are here (s/v BunGee and s/v Sirena). We're waiting to see what's going to happen weather-wise tonight. It blew like stink at Ensenada Grande last night. If it does that here tonight, there's some question as to just how big the swells may get in this anchorage that's open to the SW.

If all goes well tonight, we'll spend another night here tomorrow which means that tomorrow we can go ashore and do a bit of hiking and picture-taking. So, wish for calm seas for us tonight. And check the YOTREPS position report for an updated position.

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