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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/18/2011 Club Cruceros y Marina de La Paz

In La Paz, a cruiser has several choices about how to deal with his/her boat. There are four large marinas. However, three of them (Costa Baja, Marina Palmira, and Marina Fonatur) are all far enough away from el centro, the downtown area, that they require either a bus, a taxi, a shuttle, or a long walk. That leaves Marina de La Paz, probably the most popular marina here. Adjacent to Marina de La Paz are three small marinas: Marina Don Jose and Marina del Palmar. Between these two is an even smaller marina that's associated with one of the boatyards. However, if you want to save some money and have some privacy at the expense of convenience, you can either anchor out or rent a mooring ball. There are dozens of boats anchored out, including us.

But even anchored boats need to get drinking water, dump garbage, take showers, tie up there dinghies for trips to the store, etc. Marina de La Paz has made all of this quite convenient by providing a dinghy dock.

For 15 pesos a day (about $1.20), boaters can leave their dinghies at the dock, use the Marina's dumpsters and waste oil containers and fill their jugs with ultra-filtered (RO) water. For an additional 15 pesos per person, you can have access to the showers. So, it can be pretty cheap to hang on the hook.

Also on Marina de La Paz's grounds is Club Cruceros. This is a club, originally founded by cruisers but now open to anyone. For 100 pesos per year per person, club members have use of the clubhouse with its book exchange and DVD lending library.

It's also just a good place to sit and watch marina life or pass the time with other cruisers.

Lulu and I spent some time there Sunday while we waited for more "good stuff" to show up at the cruisers' swap meet at Marina Don Jose.

The club does lots of charitable fund raising and other good works besides just helping keep cruisers informed about what's going on and how to survive in La Paz. Check out their website for a lot more info.

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