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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/18/2011 - More food

We did some shopping today for our trip north. Lulu wanted a couple of real lightweight sundresses, we needed long cable ties for our porthole screens, some PVC pipe for more shade possibilities, some cacahuates (peanuts) and vanilla and some boric acid for killing cucarachas, of which Lulu has seen a couple small ones on the boat. The trip was a complete success. We found everything we were looking for.

After such an arduous outing, we figured we owed ourselves some fish tacos from our new favorite fish taco stand. However, when we got there, the place was packed! People were standing in line to get tacos and there was no place to sit. We ran another couple errands to give things a chance to cool down but when we returned, some of the people who were standing in line when we were there before, still hadn't gotten their tacos. Well, one thing we're not going to do in La Paz is stand in line for food. There are just way too many good places to eat. And we found another one.

As we were walking along Madero, we happened to walk by an outdoor vendor selling ceviche and coctels, both shrimp (camarĂ³n) and fish (pescado). Up until now, I've sort of avoided the fresh seafood street stands (except the fish tacos). Must be a latent paranoia. However, I seem to have gotten over it. We've seen so many Mexicans enjoying big helpings of ceviche at these stands that we finally decided to give it a try. We both ordered shrimp cocktails (coctel de camarĂ³n). Now these aren't those pansy-ass little shrimp cocktails you get in the States. This is a bowl full of shrimp swimming in a vinegary brine along with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

In this photo, Lulu's already eaten about half of what was in the bowl. That bowlful of shrimp cost 60 pesos (about $4.80). The coctel was outstanding but, as we were eating it, I kept seeing all these folks eating some of the best-looking ceviche I've ever seen. So, we bought a liter of ceviche de pescado para llevar ("to go"). For 130 pesos (about $10.40) we got a liter container packed with ceviche along with about 18 tostada shells, and a couple of baggies of salsas. Dinner tonight should be fairly exotic: ceviche and leftover pizza from last night's dinner at Il Rustico restaurant.

We're pretty glad the fish taco place was so busy today or we may never have tried this place.

Don't worry, Ma, we're eatin' good.

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Anonymous said...

I can see you are eating good and evidently the places are clean so all is well. I must say that your taste has sure changed since you were a little boy who turned his nose up at most any kind of food except peanut butter and jelly ahem. Love, Mom