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Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25/2011 Still anchored at Ensenada Grande

We were kind of surprised when we saw some boats pull out this morning after just spending the night. I told Lulu I couldn't imagine not spending at least a couple days here. She said she could imagine living here. I'd have to agree. By late morning there were only 3 other boats here with us, all sailboats. But now, at 7:10 PM, we're sharing the anchorage with 4 other sailboats and 2 motor yachts. One of the sailboat is a bareboat charter (meaning that no skipper is supplied, just the boat) and they had so much trouble getting anchored that we're really glad they're far enough away and in the wrong direction to cause us any trouble when the wind pipes up tonight. There are acres and acres of space to anchor in so it's a mystery to my why s/v Tapatai felt the need to anchor right freakin' next to us. I told Lulu that I should have stood on deck naked and waved and hollered at them about how glad we are to see them and won't they come over for a drink after they get settled? That would have scared them off. Ah, fantasies....

Today, Lulu sewed the covers for the spare water jug and the new propane bottle and I re-bedded the mooring cleats on the foredeck. Instead of using miracle goo in a tube this time, I'm trying the bedding stuff that Jay told me about when we were still in Newport. It's basically like plumber's putty, only thicker and it comes in a roll. If it works, it's sure a lot easier (and WAY cheaper) than the other marine bedding materials. If it doesn't, well, it'll be easy to replace. I also made up two new dedicated snubber lines. After seeing what the constant strain and tugging did to loosen up our mooring cleat, I like the idea of spreading the load between two cleats by using a yoke snubber instead of just a single line. Worked good last night anyway.

After we finished working, we sat in the cockpit and read awhile. Eventually, Lulu got hot and decided she needed to swim. I beefed up the rope ladder rungs by wrapping another layer of line around them, making a larger step that should be easier to use w/o pinching one's toes between the ladder and the hull. Then, I took the dinghy out for a row.

Now it's evening and we're all fed (I made machaca-w/yellow-curry-paste quesadillas and steamed cabbage) and relaxed. After I send this and see if we got any e-mail, we'll probably relax and read in the cockpit until it gets too dark and then retire below for another episode of Heroes and Glee.

Don't see any liklihood of us heading out of here tomorrow.

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