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Sunday, April 24, 2011

4/24/2011 - OK, fun's fun, but...

Last night was our 4th night in a row spent rockin' at anchor due to the seas built up by the coromuel winds. I, for one, am ready for a quiet night's sleep for a change. Last night, just to add insult to injury, the constant working of the anchor snubber on it's cleat managed to break the sealant around the thru-deck bolts. Then, when we shipped water over the bow (yeah, that's how much we were rocking), guess whose little tootsies were suddenly getting dripped on. Another item for the to-do list.

We will be leaving Bahia San Gabriel later this morning. Not sure yet where we'll end up tonight but hopefully somewhere calmer.

Oh, and BTW, although I can post blogs via the HF radio, I can't see your comments. But, please don't let that stop you from commenting. We love the feedback and will read it all when we return to cell coverage.

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