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Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Stuck" in Los Frailes

Okay, maybe "stuck" was a poor choice of words in my last entry. It's
really nice here although the wind has been blowing like crazy for
days. However, when out of the wind, the temperatures have been in
the upper 70s and low 80s. Been too rough and windy to assemble our
dinghy and go ashore until today. Not much ashore other than a
fishing camp, a very nice beach, a bunch of fancy haciendas with 'No
Pasar' signs, and lots and lots of cactus. However, we did manage to
find the fabled palapa bar/restaurant hidden away up a dirt road in
the middle of pretty much nothing. Spent the afternoon there drinking
cold cervezas and eating (fish/scallop ceviche, an hamburguesa made
with scallops, and chilis rellenos). It's a little family-run place.
Very friendly. No ingles.

Having trouble uploading the blogs I've got waiting. But, any
connection is better than no connection so I'm not complaining. Guess
the blogs of the trip down will get posted when they get posted. Our
"plan" is to leave for La Paz tomorrow night, anchor in the
Pichalingue area Saturday night and then enter La Paz on Sunday
morning. But, you now how plans go.

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