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Saturday, December 4, 2010

11/29/2010 - Finally we get to stop

After motoring through the night, we arrived at Bahia Los Frailes about 0800, so it took us just 2-1/2 hours under 7 full days. There were already 3 boats anchored here when we arrived but there was plenty of room. We got some local knowledge about the size of the shelf to anchor on from one of the other boats via our VHF radio.

We made our approach and, when the time was right, I released the Rocna anchor. It fell all of about 3 feet before a snag in the chain locker stopped it short. Didn't really want to fix it right then so I dropped our secondary anchor, the Bruce, instead. The bottom was good holding and the Bruce dug in hard. We fell back on abut a 5:1 scope and tested the set. It was holding good. The Bruce only has about 25' of chain on it and the rest is nylon 3-strand line. The nylon is probably stronger than the chain but it's not particularly chafe-resistant. After watching it rub on the bobstay, I decided to clear the chain mess and deploy the Rocna instead. Fortunately, the chain cleared up pretty easily. We hauled up the Bruce and deployed the Rocna. This also allowed us to get closer in than the first time. We again let out 5:1 scope and backed down on it hard. It was holding very nicely. We decided not to bother putting the dinghy together today as we thought we'd just stay on the boat and rest up from the passage. Really looking forward to a full night's sleep.

The wind was out of the northwest and began building in the afternoon. You'd think we'd be protected from it but it was pretty darn windy throughout the anchorage although the boats directly behind the big rock did have it a little better. In the afternoon a dinghy full of folks from the other anchored boats went by. I hailed them and asked if this was normal weather for here. They said we were having a "norther" that should blow through by Wednesday evening. But, we could expect the winds to build during the night. I let out more chain bringing my scope up to about 7:1.

Out of the wind, the temperature is in the high 70s and low 80s. Definitely shorts weather for me although Lulu isn't quite there yet.

I was disappointed to find no cell service here so I couldn't post my blogs. But we had a very pleasant evening anyway. Ate dinner at the table instead of just sitting in the cockpit holding a bowl. Then we watched our shows (The Wire and Deadwood) and went to bed. And it wasn't even 2000 yet. Can't remember when the last time was that we hit the rack that early.

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