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Monday, December 6, 2010

12/8/2010 - La Paz!

After a very leisurely breakfast and laid-back morning, we left Caleta Lobos yesterday morning for La Paz. It was an easy motorboat ride although, once we entered the channel for La Paz proper, we found ourselves bucking an outgoing tide which slowed us to 3.5 knots.

We opted to drop the hook in the "virtual marina" aka Marina Vista Coral. The "virtualness" of it is that an area was purchased, leased, whatever, for a marina but the actual marina hasn't been built (yet?). So, you can either anchor (cheapest), tie off to one of their mooring buoys (next cheapest) or tie fore and aft to 2 of their buoys (most expensive). Since their buoys looked a little sketchy to me, we opted to use our tried and true ground tackle. In exchange for the moorage, you get use of their secure (locked) dinghy dock, bathrooms, and no-cost showers. It'd be cheaper to just anchor out (we could move about 100' and be outside of the "marina"). If we did, we'd need to use the Marina de La Paz dinghy dock (small charge) and showers (another small charge). We'd also have to pay the API fee daily. This is an anchoring fee imposed in federal ports, of which La Paz is one. Don't know what the fee is yet. Anyway, we're happy where we're at for now.

Yesterday, after checking in, we went walking through La Paz a bit. We were gratified to find that we still knew our way around a little bit from when we were here in 2002. We also located Club Cruceros (local cruisers' club) and submitted our applications to join. Ran into John from M/V Doña Elena who we met in Ensenada. We were kind of looking for their boat when we heard, "Steve, Steve." from behind us. There was John. Crazy, huh?

Today we are planning to take a leisurely walking tour of La Paz to get better acquainted with the layout. No big shopping trip or anything, just a tour. But first, I need to get off my duff and make myself a bean/cheese/chile quesadilla for breakfast.

So, until mañana....(and I have a GREAT cell connection here so I feel pretty safe in saying that, but just in case I don't check in tomorrow, remember that mañana just means "not today".

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