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Saturday, December 4, 2010

11/30/2010 - Waiting out a norther

After that early bedtime, we were both up pretty early. I got up about 0600 and Lulu was up within a half hour after that. She noted that the temperature in the cabin was very pleasant. At 0700 it was already 78 degrees down below. I actually slept kind of hot last night.

As predicted, the winds did indeed build up through the night. And they haven't let up yet. No way are we going to try to put the dinghy together, much less go ashore. No thank you. I got up twice during the night to check things on deck and Lulu did once. Don't know about her, but when I went out I just wore my sleeping shorts and. although I wouldn't want to be in the wind too long like that, was perfectly comfortable for the short time I was out.

Through the night and all day today we've been experiencing steady winds in the upper teens and frequent gusts of 30 knots. The boat is dancing around at the end of her tether but the Rocna is holding on tenaciously. It's nice to have good ground tackle.

This picture is supposed to convey how rough it is today but, as expected, it really doesn't.

The temps are the same as yesterday: in the high 70s and low 80s out of the wind.

Got a call on the VHF from Mark on Wendaway, one of the other boats anchored here. Called just to chat a little and see if I needed any weather info as he apparently loves to collect the stuff. He told me that this wind is supposed to start laying down Wednesday evening and be pretty much over by Thursday. So, Thursday looks like our next travel day. From here on out it looks like we should be able to do short day hops from anchorage to anchorage. We probably won't get ashore here. We want to head out before the next system arrives as this is about the most exposed place on the whole Baja coast, sticking out as it does right into the Sea.

The plan tomorrow is to fire up the watermaker and add a few gallons to our fresh water tank. Also need to top up the transmission oil and plot our course. Work, work, work.


Crazy Coyote said...

It sounds like the two of you are making all the right decisions and having fun at the same time, except Lulu may need to wear a helmet to protect her from the boat attacking her head.

Why you decided to not bring a downwind pole for the headsail? Was it to keep you from even wanting to go on the top deck unless absolutely needed or because it would be just something else to stow and keep track of? Just curious so I would assume other are also.

Great job on the blog, I look forward to each of your posting.

imiloa said...

It sounds like you and Lulu are learning lots and having fun. As always your posts are a great read and I hope to read many more as your adventure continues.


Steve and Lulu said...

It's not so much that we decided not to bring the downwind pole. We would have if we had one. The boat didn't come with one and we've just never gotten around to getting one. You can't buy them just anywhere. We almost got one when we were at Minney's but there was no way to get it back to the boat in the borrowed Volvo we were driving without damaging the car somehow. We'll get one as soon as one crosses our path.