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Saturday, December 11, 2010

12/11/2010 - an interesting night

We met up with Paul & Chris from s/v Jeorgia and Owen from s/v Que Tal yesterday evening for a couple of beers. We first became somewhat acquainted with Paul & Chris when a "southbound from the Pacific Northwest" topic started floating around one of the discussion groups a year or two ago. They're from Edmonds, WA and planned to head down here about the same time we were planning our trip. We've followed each others' blogs ever since. Always interesting to meet people that you sort of know through the internet but have never met in person. Owen is a friend of theirs from Washington who is down here finalizing the deal on a sailboat. He plans to bring the family down (wife and two young daughters) and get busy cruising. Turns out that Owen has been following our blog for awhile so knew exactly who Paul was talking about when he suggested we all get together for a visit.

We met at Papas & Beer on the beach. This is the palapa bar that Lulu and I used to frequent when we visited here in 2002 although it was under different ownership then. We used to sit out on the deck and look at all the sailboats anchored and dream about when it would be us anchored. Now it is. Our boat is easily visible from the bar's deck.

When we got there, there was some loudish music going on and all these skinny, long-legged, pretty, young girls strutting around. Turned out they were all models and were practicing for a fashion show to be held today.

After a couple beers and some visiting, we all returned to our boats. Lulu and I had our normal evening routine and then turned in. About midnight we woke up to really loud rock music with a Mexican edge to it. It was apparently coming from Papas & Beer although the town was looking pretty lively all along the malecon. But Papas & Beer was the most likely culprit since they were the closest. As background music, it made for some pretty weird dreams. Woke up later and it was still going on. It was 0145. At 0400, it was still going strong. By 0600, there was still amplified singing happening but the instrumental track had been turned off and the singing wasn't quite as "together" sounding as it had been earlier. I suspect we may experience the same thing tonight.

Today was a mostly boat day. Lulu stayed aboard and cleaned and babysat the generator and watermaker while I hiked to the CCC market for a few things. We bought a kilo of shrimp from a guy at Marina de La Paz yesterday and plan to make shrimp ceviche with it but didn't have enough limes. So I got limes, tortilla chips, tortillas (really good-looking ones), milk and beer. The CCC is about a mile and a half away so it's a 3 mile round trip.

Lulu contacted Cecilia and Antonio Moeller this afternoon. They were our host family when we did the Spanish language immersion course back in 2002. They were hoping to get together this afternoon but we have dinner plans with Vicky & John from m/v Doña Elena. Waiting to hear whether they'll be available tomorrow evening. We're just such social butterflies. Our social calendar was much less full back home.

Another beautiful 84 degree day. Not a cloud in the sky nor socks on the feet.


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying this. Just like I was out there. I pointed a guy to you about your folding dink. He posted a question in gear. Ken

SV Jeorgia said...

You social butterflies. Good to catch up with you guys in person.
Gotta love that Mexican high-volume RAP music.

Paul & Chris
s/v Jeorgia

Anonymous said...

Stephen: life is really tough, but somebody has to do it and you & Lulu are the right people. Love Aunt Lea