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Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/1/2010 - The numbers

Siempre Sabado's non-stop trip from Ensenada to Bahia Los Frailes:

Nautical Miles covered: 767
Trip duration: 6 days, 22 hrs. (or 166 hours)
Sailing time: 100.1 hrs. (60%)
Motoring time (includes motor-sailing): 65.9 hrs. (40%)
Longest uninterrupted sail: 67 hrs. (2.8 days)
Average speed (excludes time hove-to): 4.66 knots
Highest instantaneous speed recorded: 9.1 knots
Average daily run: 111 nm
Engine hours (includes time spent in neutral charging batteries): 75.8 hrs.
Fuel consumption (theoretical): 37.9 gallons (0.5 gal/hr.)
Fuel consumption (actual): 29 gallons (0.38 gal/hr.)

I confess that some of these numbers looked a little too good to me. I was afraid I might be subconsciously skewing them in our favor. But I went back and reevaluated the data. The hard, irrefutable data is that we left Ensenada at 1030 on 11/22/2010 and arrived at Los Frailes at 0830 on 11/29/2010; the engine hour meter read 1197.1 when we left and reads 1272.9 now ( and that includes a little time for anchoring and then re-anchoring); we had 57 gallons of diesel on board when we left and we have 28 gallons now.

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