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Friday, June 11, 2010

6/11/2010 - Blog comments

Many of you have discovered the option at the bottom of each blog
where you can put comments. These comments come directly to us via e-
mail so we get to see and read every one without having to go back &
peruse the blogs to see if there have been any comments added.
However, unlike regular e-mail, I can't respond to the comments I get
just by hitting "Reply". I have to go back to the blog and enter my
response in the same way you enter your comment. At least as far as I
know now, that's how I have to do it. I don't respond to every
comment, but, if you ask a specific question that isn't answered in
the blog, I usually try to post an answer. No promises, but I do
try. So, if you've asked a question in the comments section, stop
back occasionally and see if you've gotten a response. If not, feel
free to e-mail us directly at theyoders*****@*****yodersafloat.com.
Of course you have to remove the asterisks first. They're just there
to try to thwart the bots that are out there mining for e-mail

1 comment:

Livia said...

As far as I know there is no reply-by-email option - big bummer. That would be very nice. I can email to post to the blog (even with a photo) but not respond to comments.