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Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/2010 - Cowabunga, Dude!

Lulu and I spent a good part of the afternoon at Ocean Pulse, one of the local surf shops. We weren't there to buy boards, however. No, we needed some wetsuits. And not just one wetsuit each, but two. And booties. What for? Well, the full suits are ones we hope to never actually need. But, if we should happen to get a crab pot rope or fishing line or net wrapped around our prop on the way down the coast, it sure would be nice to be able to go overboard and cut the line loose without dying of hypothermia in the process. Also, on the extremely unlikely (honest, Mom) chance that we should have to deploy the life raft someday, if we have the time, it would be a lot more comfortable to be wearing a wetsuit instead of a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt while we're out there drifting around.

The shorter, lighter-weight suits will probably see a lot of use when we're snorkeling in water that might not be quite as warm as we might like.

This is the first time either of us have donned wetsuits and man, are they tight! Just trying them on was a big job. I was sweating like a pig by the time I had tried 4 different suits on. But, now we have them. One more little thing we can check off of the list.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope the money you spent on your full wet suits was idly spent and you never have to use them. Maybe to untangle crab pots etc but I really don't want to think of you abandoning your ship. I feel really good that you are prepared though. I keep telling others that I have faith in that you will not do anything foolish. Oh, yes, and I want to add something else to you two on such a small vehicle. It will certainly be a good test to see how strong your marriage is. I think you have already proven that. Love, Mom

Mark said...

I think you will be happy to have the heavy wetsuits, for swimming in Baja. The water is not as warm there as you would think.

Anonymous said...

One item we used were dive skins. Kinda like overalls. We wore them under our wet suits. Makes wet suits a lot easier to get on and on really hot days a wet suit is too much you can just wear the skin. Lots easier to freshwater wash than a wet. Found in dive shops. I did find O'Neill shorty wet suits in a large sporting goods store down in the south called Academy. Sold as a surfer or boogy board suit. I was LOTS cheaper than my dive shop and was identical to the scuba. I would encourage you both to get scuba cert if you are not. It is amazing to just dive down 20ft and just sit still. You become part of the enviroment quickly and all sorts of little critters show up. Much better than the Navy SEAL types that want to swim 20mph and go 5 miles underwater. "Slow or no go" is the best way to enjoy a new underwater world. The wife was not keen on diving at first but she very quickly came to love it. Ken