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Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/2010 - A week from tomorrow...

...we'll leave the South Beach Marina in Newport for the last time. Well, except to stop at the fuel dock on our way out of town.

Yesterday was my last shift at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

My shift captain, Kay Baiz, organized a really nice potluck send-off. Quite an honor considering I've only been at the OCAq since November. I'm definitely going to miss the place and the people. I was lucky enough to get placed on the best crew, the Sunday afternoon shift. I've substituted on several others and they are all great in their own ways but, let's face it, Kay's crew is, after all, the only one sporting 5 gold starts on their badges. To any of the volunteers or staff who are reading this, I'll miss you all. You're an outstanding bunch of folks and it was my honor to be part of the group, albeit only briefly. Oh, and be sure to let me know when you build the Oregon Coast Aquarium-Puerto Vallarta branch. I'll be the first to volunteer.

Next Monday we head upriver to the boatyard for our haulout chores. The yard is about 8 miles from the nearest grocery store so we'll be doing a big shopping trip Saturday. Need to get food for while we're in the yard but also for at least the first leg of our journey south. We'll have to put a little thought into this.

Going through getting all the little items ticked off the to-do list. We're doing really well so far.

Knowing that we'll be in Silverton for most of the month of August, we needed to track down a marina where we could keep our boat for a month or two. Since my Aunt Lea has offered us the use of her car during our SF Bay stay, we thought it would be nice if we moored somewhere relatively close to Sacramento to make drop-off and pick-up easier. Knowing that the closer you get to the Golden Gate Bridge the more expensive the marinas get, we started looking somewhere in the East Bay. We knew that we wanted to tie up in Martinez, along the Carquinez Strait, sometime during our stay so that we'd be close enough to visit Randy, Andrea and Kate in Walnut Creek. So I checked on marinas there a couple days ago. The upshot is that we have made reservations for August and September at the Martinez Marina. It looks pretty nice and the price is quite reasonable. Called them today to make sure they'd have open slips and got ours reserved. An added bonus is that it should be considerably warmer in Martinez than it would have been in SF or Sausalito.

So, things are coming together. Have to get all of our shopping-type chores done this week. Then we need to tidy up the boat, stow the crap that's out on deck and get ready to head upriver. Still seems sort of unreal.


Anonymous said...

After reading about all of the projects you two have done this year... can you even imagine, now, having headed out last year?

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Congratulations! I bet is does seem surreal. We can't wait to get there ourselves.

Steve and Lulu said...

No, I cannot imagine having left last year. I looked at some old blogs to see where we were a year ago. Man! It's amazing what still wasn't done even by the end of August. Staying put this year turned out to be a REAL good idea.