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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/2010 - Beautiful Day

It was gorgeous here today. Sunny and t-shirt weather even at the marina. Maybe summer has arrived at the coast. We went to town to get stuff for making a bunch of granola and some miscellaneous rigging pieces. We walked back and while we were crossing the bridge we looked out at the ocean. It was so pretty. We're really hoping it's like that when we leave.

When we're hauled out, there isn't a lot of time to cook breakfast. So, Lulu made a big batch of granola to see us through. Here she is up to her elbows in granola making:

The reason the seat cushion is propped up is because she was getting something out of the fridge which is under the seat.

While she was busy cooking, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and make another mat. This time, instead of a fancy turk's head-type mat, I opted to make a more utilitarian woven mat called a Sword Mat. The plan is to use it on the side deck to bridge the dip caused by the placement of the deck scuppers.

I'll build a regular wooden cover one of these days but, in the meantime, this will hopefully alleviate the trip hazard.

Although the sword mat is pretty simple, just basic weaving, it's still a bit of work when using 3/4" line for the warp. The woof is made of 1/4" sisal.

Once the weaving is done, the ends are seized together with a frapped round seizing. Then the headrope, the line that the warps were bent over, has a walled crown knot tied on each end to form a knob to keep the headrope from sliding out. Took me quite a while to figure out how to tie a version of the walled crown knot that I liked and wasn't too huge of a knob. But, finally it was all done and here it is: