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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If it isn't one thing it's another!

Two successful weeks in the yard.  Siempre Sabado is looking downright gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  Got the mast steps installed as well as the refrigerator's keel cooler, the Dynaplate grounding plate for the SSB radio, and the Cape Horn windvane.  Back in the water at 9 PM last Friday to hit high tide.  Everything is going good.  Except that none of the lights on the mast worked.  Must have pinched the wires when I lowered the mast.  We need one of the lights just to be legal going back to the marina after dark so I jury-rigged a fix and we were on our way.  Getting back into our slip was a little traumatic, mostly for Lulu.  I was in ignorant bliss and couldn't see a damn thing anyway, it being so dark.  But no one fell in, nothing got broken and we didn't hit any other boats, so it was a successful landing.

Sunday morning, sitting below having breakfast when BLAM! the power boat docked next to us ran into our stern.  Near as I could get the story, he hit forward when he meant to hit reverse.  It totaled one of our stern rails but it was a piece of junk and was going to be replaced anyway.  Worse, though, is that he hit our nice new windvane.  Tough little bugger that it is, there is no visible damage.  There is, however, visible evidence of damage.  Where the vane was perfectly in line with the mast and rock-solid before, it's now cock-eyed and wiggly.  Made a call to his insurance company but haven't heard back yet.

Our forestay and inner forestay, which we're having built to accommodate our new roller furlers, were supposed to be done last week.  But, turns out that they were missing one piece but it's "scheduled to come in tomorrow".  Uh-huh, sure.

Fired up the watermaker for the first time this evening.  It performed beautifully....  for about 10 minutes.  Then it's output dropped to zilch. Guess I'll be calling Spectra tomorrow.

Bought a used sextant off the internet awhile ago.  The light in it didn't work so I sent it off to Davis Equipment for an overhaul and repair.  The usual bill for this is $40.  Got a call from Davis a little while ago and they said that they couldn't fix the light but they'd go ahead and service the instrument at no charge.  Cool.  But, when I got the sextant back today, the handle was completely broken off of it!  GEEZ!  Fired off an e-mail to customer service this evening along with a photo.

On the other hand, the new Frigoboat refrigerator is working GREAT!  The beer is cold and we've actually about doubled our capacity since we don't have to take up half the box volume with ice anymore.

Oh well, if it was easy everybody would want to do it.

Oh yeah, I overhauled the mast lights today and they are all working like they're supposed to.  Knock wood.

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