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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The end (beginning) may just be in sight

Seems like things are beginning to wrap up and we may very well make
our self-imposed deadline of getting started south by the end of
August. Let's see...what's been happening?

Windvane: We got hauled out at River Bend again yesterday. Seems
like we were just there. My Dad and my uncles Norman and Felty came
along as crew. A saltier bunch would be tough to find. Wouldn't be
surprised if they were all sporting gold rings in their ears and
tattoos next time I see them. Our only job in the yard was to check
the butt-end of the boat for damage from our collision and to
basically re-mount the windvane. Both projects accomplished with 2
hours to spare before the tide was high enough to go back in the
water. The vane, now installed correctly, is once again as solid as a
rock. I'd just as soon not test that, though.

Rigging: As I've written before, I ordered a new forestay and inner
forestay so I could install my roller furlers. Even sent the old
rigging along so they'd have something to measure. It was supposed to
take "3 or 4 days". About a week later, I asked about it and find out
that they were waiting for one of the fittings to come in. "Should be
here tomorrow". The next day I get a call asking for clarification on
what I was ordering. I explained. Again. Finally, this last Monday,
I get the call that the rigging was done and at the store. All
excited, I head down to pick it up. I had no idea what it was going
to cost but it ended up costing about what I expected (as opposed to
what I was afraid it might cost). Back at the marina, I decided I
really should check the new rigging out to be sure they did what I
asked. Well, they almost did what I asked. Does that count? Even
after the clarification phone call, they still cut both stays too
short. ARGHHH! So the next day I took everything back to the store.
Explained the issue, this time complete with genuine Stoder
illustrations, and then explained that now I was also pressed for
time. Well, the upshot is that the rigging is now supposed to be done
on Friday. I certainly hope so but I'm not holding my breath either.

Stern pulpit: As of last week, it was supposed to be done this week.
Tomorrow I'm hoping for a phone call that says "your pulpit is done
and it turns out that we overestimated the price". C'mon, a guy can
dream can't he?

The sail modification stuff (luff tape, sacrificial Sunbrella strips,
etc.) that we ordered from Sailrite has shipped so it should be at
Cody's when we get there. Which is very good because one of the
reasons we're headed back to the Shire is so Lulu can modify our
headsails to fit the new furlers.

So, anyhoo, we have about a week's worth of work to do at the Shire
(I'm consciously trying to refrain from calling it "home" since
Siempre Sabado is home now). Then we'll bring a big load back (life
raft, dinghy, outboard, sails, etc.) and spend the last week of August
stowing everything, tying up loose ends (including turning over the
car to our son, Lucas), and waiting for our perfect weather window to

Except for last night and most of today, the weather in Newport has
been really nice this past week or so. Actually got warm and the sun
actually shone and the wind actually died for awhile.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really good to hear that it is coming together. I am now starting to watch the weather south as Sept is fast approaching.

See you out there!! Ken