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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clam Chowder

Why is it so freakin' hard to find decent clam chowder at the coast?
On the Oregon coast, Mo's is supposed to be THE place for chowder.
People line up to get in. Well, we've given Mo's two chances and they
failed both times. Not that they don't make a decent chowder. It's
just not CLAM chowder. More like potato and bacon chowder. Both
potatoes and bacon can have a place in clam chowder but they should
not mask the taste of the clams. In this case I think they were
trying to disguise the fact that there were few if any clams in the
chowder. Then, last Sunday I tried a cup of "clam" chowder at the
Rogue Brewery in Newport. A guy would be hard-pressed to find one
single piece of clam anywhere in the whole cup. I found none and the
stuff didn't even taste like clams. COME ON! I'm sorry to say that
the best clam chowder we've found on the coast so far is a can of
Snow's or the fancy Campbells' stuff (the kind that's not diluted)
with a can of chopped (not minced) clams added. That's a freakin'
shame. Lulu's going to make her own clam chowder on board this
weekend so maybe we'll finally get some really good clam chowder on
the coast.

On the other hand, if you want a really good bowl of oyster stew, head
up to The Sea Hag in Depoe Bay and shell out $9.95. The bowl is
almost big enough to double as a bicycle helmet, it's served with a
lemon wedge and a nice big pat of butter melting on top. Lots of
oyster crackers and an unbelievable number of oysters. The oysters
are nice little spoon-size fellas and I'll bet that 2/3 of your
spoonfuls will contain an oyster. Excellent stuff.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Norm said...

Steve, I agree concerning the chowder at Mo's. I don't know why people keep raving about it. We've found two places at the coast that had, in MHO, good chowder. You almost got to one when you went to the Sea Hag. It's on the north end of Depoe Bay, on the ocean side of the hiway, a little way beyond the rock seawall rail. It's called "Tidal Raves." We first tried their chowder, then I fell in love with their cioppino. "Doogers" also has a great chowder. They're a little farther north in Cannon Beach and Seaside. 'Uncle' Norm

Bethany said...

I follow the Travel Oregon blog, and they say the best clam chowder on the Oregon coast is at the Wayfarer Restaurant in Cannon Beach.