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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cape Horn

Just heard back from the folks at Cape Horn and they're telling me I
installed the windvane incorrectly. The instructions they provide are
very incomplete and hard to follow. I've asked them to send me a
drawing or photo of what the heck they're talking about. But, the
upshot is that I can probably fix the vane just by reinstalling a
couple of support brackets. If so, might not have to wait around to
get jacked up by the insurance guys. We'll see. It would have been
much easier to do the vane installation when we were still hauled
out. Now I'll probably have to work from the dinghy. But as I said,
"If it were easy..."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Helped a friend put his Cape Horn on a Hans 33 last year just before the HaHa. Very poor instructions and cutting the hole through the tramsom was scary to watch. Your boat really looks good and I look forward to seeing you in San Diego or down the coast on the way,

Ken (working for Cody this week)