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Monday, May 16, 2011

5/16/2011 - Just a quick note

We are finally back in internet land. Now we have to plow through a
couple hundred e-mails. If you've sent us something and we haven't
gotten back to you yet, that's why. We'll get to you and will also
update the blog with some photos soon.

In the meantime, I ordered the mixing elbow for the engine which cost
about half of what I was afraid it would cost. Also ordered a nw
autopilot whic cost about what I expected but we're getting a more
robust unit than our old one. The best news is that our friends Dave
and Marj are going back to the States tomorrow to visit their daughter
until the end of the month. The told us to have the stuff shipped to
her and they'd bring it back down in their luggage. Thus saves us a
ton of money and untold hassle. Hats off to them! So, we'll be in La
Paz until the end of the month and then, hopefully, be back on our way
up the Sea.


Anonymous said...

Good, I am happy you are back on e mail. You can just delete all of my daily messages as they are pretty much the same. Probably should of taken you off the dailies but figured you wanted to hear all that is happening in sunny? Eugene. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Steve & Lulu: The same goes for most of my emails. Hope everythings goes okay regarding your repairs. Take care and my love to both of you - Nancy