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Friday, October 29, 2010

We're Heeeere...

Arrived at Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island about an hour ago. Pretty
stressful place to land. You have to pay the guy in the boat while
you're waiting on station at the entrance to the harbor and the wind
doesn't help at all. They don't take plastic. ONly checks, cash or
travelers' check. Then you enter this huge mooring field but the
mooring balls are awfully close together. As you meander up the
fairway, sometimes the choice seems to be to either hit a boat or a
mooring ball. Happily, we did neither. But we're all tied up now and
hope to stay that way for a week. However, every day is a crap
shoot. The moorings are privately owned and, if the owner decides he
wants to use his, you have to move to another one. Could happen
daily. But, at least they let you know by 9:00 AM every day whether
or not you're secure for the day.

Wifi is available, at a cost, naturally. Well, more late. Right now
we need to assemble the dinghy and go ashore to check things out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good, I am happy you arrived. Enjoy. Love, Mom