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Saturday, October 30, 2010

10/30/2010 - Catalina

First off, we lucked out. Nine o'clock came and went without our being asked to move to a different mooring ball. And, if the owner didn't come over today, I figure the rest of the week is pretty safe.

It rained last night but this morning it was just partly cloudy. Not particularly warm but pleasant enough.

We got a knock on the hull this morning. When Lulu looked out, there was our friend Lee Perry, another Westsailor from Brookings, OR. He's been here the better part of the week and was leaving later today for Oceanside, or Dana Point or one of those southern California ports. It was good to see a familiar face and visit with him for awhile.

We went ashore around noon-ish and, unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera. So no pics today. Maybe tomorrow.

We had lunch at Pete's Cafe, a walk-up, outside-seating place a block or so off the main drag. After that (and, actually before that) we wandered around town, such as it is. We went over to the Casino to look around but the museum part was closed for renovation and won't reopen until February. Guess we'll miss that. Not wanting to do the whole island the first day, we opted to save the Wrigley Mansion and Botanical Garden tour for later.

Met up with Bob and Sherry from s/v Ponderosa while we were out walking around. We compared notes on our respective travels since we last saw them in Eureka.

Later on, we headed to The Marlin Club, which our friend Adele (my classmate from WGHS) had recommended as a "real dive bar". It was perfect. Dark, padded doors, world series on the big screen, etc. While sitting at the bar nursing a couple of Miller Lights, we got in a conversation with a couple Canadians. Turns out that they're sailing down to Mexico as well. Pat is the owner of the boat, a 39' steel sloop. His crew is Sean who has his own 42' sailboat back in Canada. They've hit some horrendous seas coming down. At one point, when the engine had packed it in due to water in the fuel, the jib was ripped to shreds and the seas were way too high, Sean was airlifted off by the USCG. He met up with Pat again in Crescent City and continued the journey. They've been sailing and making repairs to the boat, which wasn't really ready to go when they left. But they decided they were going anyway and consequently have a full array of tools and lumber on board. While we were at the bar, another couple came in. Big Dave and his wife (didn't catch her name) live here in Avalon aboard their sailboat, Black Dahlia, which just happens to be moored right in front of us. They live aboard with two teenagers who kayak to school every day. Dave's a local contractor.

After a few brews, we went to Von's market (a Safeway affiliate) and got some milk and candy bars and then dinghied home. Now we've eaten and are hunkered in for the evening. Tomorrow I promise to remember the camera. We'll probably visit the Wrigley Mansion but who knows? Right now we're listening to Prairie Home Companion on a public radio station out of LA. Heard the weather report which is promising temps in the 90s by mid-week. Supposed to get in the high 70s to low 80s here. Ahhhhhhhhh.......

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Anonymous said...

I am really loving this. Just like I was along. I look up the places where you are blogging from and just dream a little dream (showing my age there. RIP Moma Cass) Ken