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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/2010 - Mission Santa Barbara

Yesterday's weather was back to gorgeous after Sunday's big blow. After a few minor chores, we headed out. Although we took long sleeve stuff just in case, I was comfortable in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. Lulu also wore sandals but opted for long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, albeit with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows.

We hopped on the $0.25 trolley and rode it to the end of its downtown route at Solas and State. Armed with a map from MTD (the bus people), we continued north and then east-ish towards Mission Santa Barbara. Turned out to be lass than a mile from where we got off the bus.

Now I'm not a big fan of the mission of missions and missionaries (leave the indigenous people alone!) but the California missions are sort of a big part of my past. Having grown up mostly in California, we studied early California history in elementary school. And, the building of the missions from San Diego to San Francisco and the Royal Highway (El Camino Real) along which they were located, is a significant part of California's past. In grade school, I remember drawing pictures of the individual missions as well as coloring pictures of them. I was always impressed that each was different and I could identify many of them by sight. I can't anymore but could then.

This was 10th of the 21 missions built and was built after Father Junipero Serra had died. As history, it's a very cool structure.

central courtyard:

entrance to the church from the graveyard:

kitchen (sorry about the blur - no flash photography allowed):

laundry (lavandería) - sort of a man-made stream. The channel was filled with water for soaking and rinsing and the clothes were scrubbed on the sloping surface alongside. The laundry, of course, was done by the local (Chumash) indians:

After we finished our tour, we walked back towards State St. through some beautiful residential areas. Lulu is particularly fascinated by the plants that grow so healthily here. Lots of different kinds of palm trees, an amazing variety of cacti, many just-plain-exotic-looking flowers, trees and shrubs, and more Birds of Paradise than you can shake a stick at:

From down town, we hit a grocery store to stock up on some items and then headed back to the boat to unload, only to head back to town since we'd promised ourselves a pizza at Rusty's (another "Best of Santa Barbara..." winner). The pizza was outstanding.

Finally, about 6:30, we walked back to the boat. By this time the long sleeves felt good but I was still comfortable in shorts. We're loving Southern California so far. As Lulu said, "It's a good thing the marina is expensive, otherwise it'd be awfully easy to get stuck here."


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Steve & Lulu: I have taken Sarah and Sam to most of the missions - I think we only 5 - they are very pretty to see. I have a friend who had her wedding at the Santa Barbara Mission. I am glad that you
are enjoying Santa Barbara. Take care - Nancy

Anonymous said...

Yes, the expense of California is what keeps us mostly in Oregon. I know that we enjoyed our ten years in the San Jose area but finally cost and drugs drove us out. If we could afford we would really like to live in the San Diego area. I enjoy the flowers and find that the climate is almost ideal. I know that the one winter that we took care of Dad's sister Sue, we stayed in Escondido which is inland from San Diego and we really enjoyed it. I am pleased that you are taking in the surroundings on your big adventure. That is what retiring and traveling is all about. Love, Mom

2ndreef said...

Steve and Lulu, we're so glad you've finally reached the bannana belt climate. Santa Barbara sounds so good. Keep sending the blogs and pics of the blue skies and sunshine cuz I need the therapy. Today I wheeled out the snow blower and began readying it for what faces us here in Reno off and on for the next 4 to 5 months. Uggghhhhh.
See Ya, Bill & Robin