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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12/20/2011 - Taking it easy in Mazatlán

Man, was it nice to sleep through the night last night! I think we hit the rack about 10 PM. I slept until 6:30 this morning and Lulu made it to about 8:45. Completely missed the morning net. I could have listened but I was so engrossed in catching up on blogs that the 8:00 hour came and went without me even realizing it.

We are currently anchored at the Isla de Piedra anchorage. There's a beach to the north of us that is apparently primarily a tourist area. Lots of palapas screaming by pulling those big floating bananas with a bunch of screaming riders. A sightseeing helicopter just flew over. Lots of Sea-doos, too. But, we like it anyway. It's sunny and warm-ish although no warmer than La Paz was during the day.

We haven't even assembled the dinghy yet and probably won't unless we're here longer than we expect to be. Right now we're just enjoying sitting still and taking it easy. Our friend Mike from s/v Tortue is keeping an eye out for an open slip for us at Marina Mazatlán. One may come up tomorrow if the boat that's in it gets their new canvas in time to take off as scheduled. But, this being Mexico, that's pretty unlikely so we may be here a few more days. Fine with us. We have plenty of food and beer aboard, the composter is (well, was) empty and the watermaker runs just fine although we did fill our water tank before leaving the marina in La Paz. We have a good internet connection, the batteries are topped off, the solar panels are pumping out watts and we have generator gas on board just in case. What else could we need at the moment?

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