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Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16/2011 - Itchin' to go

After looking at several weather sites this morning, I decided that tomorrow is the day to leave La Paz. It's supposed to start out quite calm tomorrow and that's fine as I don't mind motoring out of the bay if that's what I have to do to get a calm trip through the San Lorenzo Channel. By tomorrow evening the winds should pick up some and then continue to build through Sunday and Monday. But that's okay as that's what will push us down to Mazatlán. And, by starting out when it's calm, we should avoid most of the big seas as they won't have had any time to build up yet. By the time the winds and seas hit their projected peak (Monday night), we should either be there or be damn close.

We don't plan an early morning departure. As long as we're past the northern tip of Cerralvo Island before dark, I'll be happy. Not planning any stops, just a straight push to Mazatlán. If we average 4 knots and leave at 10 AM, we'll arrive at 10 PM on Monday. Rather not do that, as we don't like getting places, especially new places, in the dark. If we average 4.5 knots, we'd arrive at 4 PM Monday. Much better. If we luck out and average 5 knots, we'd make it by 10 AM on Monday. Amazing how much difference 1/2 knot can make. If we really drag tail and only average 3.5 knots, we'd arrive at 7 AM on Tuesday, which is still better than 10 PM the night before. So, wish us luck and a fast passage (4.5 to 5 knots, por favor).

Okay, the next dispatch will probably via SSB radio and Sailmail. I'll update our position along the way. If you want to follow our progress check out ShipTrak.


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