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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12/20/2011 - Position Reports

Check out: ShipTrak

This is the original link I gave you and corresponds with my HAM license. The other link I mentioned the other day ties to my Ship Station License. Apparently, when I was on Keith's boat and set his SSB up for Sailmail I used the WDE8358 number, probably because he only had a ship station license so wasn't allowed to use HAM frequencies. I set the program on my computer up using my HAM license since my first attempts at HF e-mail were via Winlink, which is on a HAM frequency.

You an also find us on YotReps.

Anyway, note that one of my reports put us out in the Pacific. Apparently, when typing in 109 degrees, it matters if you screw up and actually type 119 degrees. Picky, picky.

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