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Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/8/2011 - Restaurant of the drunk

Restaurante del Borracho. It's a misleading name, at least at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Del Borracho's is kind of an institution around Loreto. The story I heard is that it's owned by an ex-biker gringo. It's highly regarded among both the gringo and Mexican communities for its atmosphere and service but especially for it's hamburgers and fries. The only problem with the place is that they've been closed the entire time we've been in the Loreto area. Seems they close down in the summer months and don't open again until early October. The other problem is its location. It's almost to Loreto which is way too far to walk from Puerto Escondido, and it's far enough out of Loreto that walking from there isn't too feasible either. Guess we could hitchhike with Del Borracho our specific destination.

But, we didn't need to. Instead, Dale, one of the Puerto Escondido regulars offered us a ride yesterday. We jumped at the chance.

Besides looking like something from out of the old west, when we arrived there was a metal sign swinging in the breeze that had just the right amount of rusty creakiness to it to give the place that little extra something.

The interior is wide open, wood, and very comfortable feeling. There are lots of interesting things hanging on the walls and from the ceiling.

The staff was extremely friendly.

Naturally, we ordered cheeseburgers and fries. The burgers were very good. They were probably 1/3 lb. burgers well-dressed with plenty of tomatoes, pickles lettuce and just a couple rings of onions. All too often we get a burger with a huge slice of onion, one tiny little slice of tomato and one pickle chip. Not here. There was enough tomato and pickle that you got some in every bite and just enough onion for flavor without being overwhelming. The buns were grilled, too, which shows that the cook cares.

The fries were nice and crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, just like they're supposed to be.

All that said, they weren't the best burgers we've had in Baja. That award still goes to Buffalito Grill in La Paz. At least so far. But it was one of the cooler places we've eaten. If we get another chance to go to Del Borracho's, and I hope we do, I think I might try the grilled Ceasar salad with chicken. Lulu's thinking about the beef stir-fry if we get there on the right day (it's a special one day of the week and I'm not sure they make it on the other days).

So, at least now, if we leave Puerto Escondido sooner rather than later, we'll at least have eaten at The Restaurant of the Drunk.

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