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Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/1/2011 - Small world

A year ago today we left the marina at Benicia, California and arrived at the marina in San Leandro for the Northern California Westsail owners' rendezvous.

Small world department:

We were sitting at El Santuario palapa bar the other day, enjoying a couple of cold brews when a bunch of guys from the hotel (Villa del Palmar) wandered in. A couple of them had t-shirts on that advertised things like the Portland, OR fire department and some place in Tigard, OR. We struck up a conversation and it turns out that they had sailed past Siempre Sabado on the Wild Loreto Tours catamaran and noticed the Silverton, OR hailing port. Yes, we told them, we are from Silverton, and yes, they told us, they're all from Portland.

As it happens, this was the groom's entourage for the first wedding to be held at Villa Del Palmar - Loreto. Matter of fact, the wedding was scheduled for later that same evening. The groom, Dave, said that, as the wedding was to be held barefoot on the beach, it'd only take him about 5 minutes to get ready so they had time to enjoy happy hour. They all loved the whole laid-back funkiness of El Santuario. We had a great time shooting the breeze. Of course, we always love it when we run into people who think what we're doing is cool. Those, of course, are the best people and the ones who are obviously the most fun to talk with. These guys fit that category.

Eventually we parted company, Lulu and I back to the boat and Dave and friends/family to the wedding. We were actually able to watch the wedding from the boat but it was far away enough so it was hard to tell much of what was going on. However, later, when wedding photos were taken, we realized that Siempre Sabado would be in the background along with a couple of other boats.

Yesterday, Dave, his beautiful bride Heather, and other members of their entourage joined us at El Santuario for Happy Hour again. Heather showed us the DVD full of wedding photos (600 of them!) that the hotel had provided for them. The cover of the DVD box had a photo on it of the bride and groom and, sure enough, there's Siempre Sabado at anchor in the background. How cool is that?

As we were shooting the breeze, somewhere along the line the name Roger Clyne came up.

"Roger Clyne? You mean Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers?"
"You're familiar with Roger Clyne?"
"Hell yes! And the Refreshments, too."
"What are the odds? Here we are at a little palapa near a hotel in a pretty remote site near Loreto Mexico, and we run into someone who is not only from Sil;verton, but knows Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers?"

For those not aware, The Refreshments morphed into Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers for various reasons. The band holds a yearly 3-day music fest (Circus Mexicus) at Puerto Peñasco, a town on the Mexican mainland on the way northern coast of the Sea of Cortez. Lulu and I have been thinking it would be pretty cool to go sometime. Dave and Heather have been thinking it would be pretty cool to go sometime. So, our plan for next year is:

Dec/Jan/Feb: Mexican mainland, probably mostly Mazatlan
Mar: La Paz?
Apr/May: start cruising up the Sea
Jun: Puerto Peñasco for Circus Mexicus.
If the Fonatur marina in Puerto Peñasco seems pretty secure, we may just hang out through July and leave the boat there when we go back to Cody & Scott's house for a couple of months
Aug/Sep: Cody & Scott's in Oregon
Oct: Cruise the Sea southbound
Nov: La Paz

rinse and repeat with slight variations.

Of course, these plans, like every other plan we make is completely open to amendment at any time.

See ya in Puerto Peñasco, Mr. and Mrs Gleen.


Keith and Kay Schardein said...

Wow. What a great story!! After two posts to our new blog, I'm even more in awe of yours.
K (and Keith)

Anonymous said...

We also love running into folks that think what we're doing is neat. It sure beats all the people that call us crazy and try to talk us out of it!

Bethany said...

I always learn something interesting from your posts, but usually about boating and therefore not entirely applicable to my life. But today I learned that The Refreshments live on as Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers! Now that is information I can use NOW! You gave me a Refreshments CD for Christmas about 15 years ago (that long?!?!) and I love it! I actually think of you guys often when I listen to "Mekong" (wrong part of the world, but right attitude). Oh happy day! Off to iTunes to download some new music!

Steve and Lulu said...


So happy to help with your schoolin'. Maybe we'll see you at Circus Mexicus one of these days. BTW: I've been humming "Mekong" for the last couple of days. Awfully good song.