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Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14/2011 - Adios, Puerto Escondido

We arrived at Puerto Escondido almost exactly 4 months ago; June 15th.  We had only intended to stay a week or so but that's how the cruising life can go.  We departed today, leaving many new friends behind but we're pretty sure we'll run into them again in one harbor or another sometime.  We're headed back to La Paz but we made our first day's run an easy one: 2 hours to Ensenada Blanca where we anchored at 12:30 PM.  We have a nice gentle ripple running through the anchorage and a light cooling breeze.  There are 5 other boats here at the moment: Kashmir, Seawind II, Manta, Eileen May, and Sea Venture.  We're anchored directly out from the palapa at El Santuario in about 24' of water with a 5:1 scope.

We had originally planned to take a leisurely trip back down to La Paz, arriving somewhere around November 1st.  We need to be in La Paz in November as that's when Cody & Scott are coming to visit for a week.  Well, things change.  In the last couple of days I recieved and accepted an opportunity to help a friends bring their Westsail 42 down the Baja coast from Southern California.  Kay & Keith, who we met a little over a year ago at the Northern California Westsail Owners' Rendezvous, have been trying to get Chamisa down to La Paz.  Last year they were foiled by an injury that Kay had and, although they had made it to Long Beach so far, it looked like this year might be a repeat.  But, things happen and Kay decided to take care of her shoulder Stateside while Keith and I bring Chamisa down the coast to La Paz.  Then Kay can fly in after she recovers.  So, we're heading to La Paz at a slightly quicker pace than originally planned.

We'll spend tonight and most of the day tomorrow here at Ensenada Blanca.  Then we plan to pull out about 1800 tomorrow and do a night sail the 60 miles to San Evaristo.  With the moon just past full and Lulu's new stargazing book, we're really looking forward to that leg.  We should be in La Paz about Tuesday evening.  We'll try to find a space in a marina for all of November.  That way, I know Lulu and the boat are nice and secure while I'm gone, Lulu can have access to unlimited dock water for washing 4 months' accumulated grime off the boat, it'll be convenient when Scott & Cody are here and I can finally top off and equalize the batteries.

No photos the next few posting as they'll mostly be done through Sailmail.

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Anonymous said...

Have a good time helping a fellow sailor and seeking a safe refuge for LuAnn and the boat while you are gone. Love, Mom