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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My bad!

Okay, so I forgot to bring the camera over from the valley. So sue
me. We have to go to Eugene tomorrow for a funeral and then we're
going to head up I-5 to Cody's (that sounds weird) to get some stuff
we forgot and do a couple chores. Probably spend the night there.
She said it'd be OK. Phew! So, I'll get the camera tomorrow and post
some pix on Saturday.

Lulu got the whole inside if the boat cleaned today and got most of
what we brought over put away. Huge job. And we still have boxes and
boxes of stuff at Cody's to try to stow somewhere. Methinks a few
items will be left behind.

Another beautiful day in Newport, albeit pretty darn cold when the
wind blows, which it did most of the day.

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